Who are we?

With over 25 years combined experience in online gaming and technology, we pride ourselves in having a diverse and unique background. Our industry experience serves our customers well, allowing us to work more effectively with them.

Our backgrounds also ensure that we provide the utmost in quality service to our customers. With our staff you will find knowledgeable and conscientious professionals. We take time to get to know our customers, their needs and their future goals by making them our own.

Corporate Profile

Based in Malta, Odds and More was established to provide a key solution for odds management, frequently subject to rapid fluctuations and continuous updating.

The tool provides an excellent solution for odds management, in a dynamic market, by eliminating human error and responding instantaneously. Odds and More eliminates laboriousness therefore enabling resources to be better focused on risk management; the core to your business! Odds and More provides compelling solutions by providing services to the bookmaking world.

Our mission

We strive to make live data and odds solutions integrate seamlessly with your system so your business can grow. Aas your data partner, we ensure that your business grows enabling ours to grow with you.

Our core Activities

Odds and More’s core activities deal with facts from the world of sports; a world characterised by its high level of emotion. Odds and More offers data for all types of popular sports, and provides a comprehensive, rapid and reliable service. We have pursued superior user experience & simplicity, based on a broad knowledge of markets and customers in conjunction with innovation and technological expertise. Our operating activities include the collection, processing, and monitoring of sports data.