Odds&More, Maltese company specialized in creating and maintaining sports betting solutions, data manipulation, statistics gathering, algorithms and sports betting models is hiring! We are searching for Mathematician eager to be part of an ambitious team located in Belgrade, Serbia.



Sport Modeling:

  • Identify differences between different leagues/Sports (in terms of odds and models to create the odds). Cluster similar leagues together.

Other Techniques:

Create or update models for new odds markets using different approaches:
  • Curve Fitting
  • Surface Fitting
  • Neural Networks
  • KNN
  • HMM
  • Hybrid Models
  • Models based on theory
  • Other models as necessary.

 Other tasks:

Review model or market design and implementation. Help with the testing, validation and verification of implementation and models. Use Matlab or Octave (preferable due to greater interactivity) or similar tools to implement models where necessary. Implement Bayesian Framework and Interval Statistic/Distribution for Odds and other tools in order to:
  • Take the existing software and it's capabilities to a higher level
  • Combine information from the market and our model
  • Identify odd outliers and/or problematic odds/inputs before they generate a negative impact
  • Follow player/individual odds automatically.
Design and implement a Risk Management Framework based on odds. Help with managing the client's requests, keep track of programmer implementation and/or status of work/designs carried out. Your job would be to help out with the above tasks and take over a part of the current workload. You will be trained and also mentored where and when needed.

Bonus skills:

  • Programming skills (especially in php) or willingness to program are considered an asset.

Competitive salary

  • New challenging professional opportunities in a fast growing company

To find out more about this great opportunity and many others, get in touch with the O+M Team  sending us your CV at: [email protected]

See you soon!