2023 F1 Singapore GP – Continuation of Red Bull’s dominance or something else?

Singapore will be hosting the 15th race of the season this weekend. The 15th race, but will it also be the 15th victory for Red Bull this season? Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez have given their team plenty of reasons to be happy, and so far, the Red Bull team is on track to achieve the (im)possible mission – winning all the races this season.

The famous night race in Singapore will have some slightly different characteristics this year. The number of corners in the final sector has been reduced from 23 to 19, the number of laps has increased from 61 to 63, and the total distance the drivers must cover has been reduced from 5063 km to 4928 km. However, the Marina Bay circuit remains very demanding and one of the most challenging on the F1 calendar, just as it was before these changes. It is characterized by extremely uneven sections, tight corners, and high and sharp curbs that can damage the cars.

Additionally, due to the climate in Singapore, drivers traditionally have to be prepared for somewhat wetter conditions on the track. In Singapore, at this time of year, the chances of rain are almost always around 50%. In previous year, the race had to be delayed due to extreme weather conditions, and when it started, it was interrupted multiple times, requiring the safety car to do its part. Generally, this is a track that favors powerful cars with a high downforce package and mechanical grip. What does this mean? It means that Mercedes, in particular, will be looking for an opportunity to dethrone Red Bull because the conditions and track design in Singapore favor them, especially if the race is a bit slower. Evidence for this can be seen in races in Barcelona, Budapest, and even Zandvoort, where Mercedes performed well on similar caliber tracks like Marina Bay. Last year’s pole position holder, Charles Leclerc, recorded a time of 1:49.412, while the record belongs to Kevin Magnussen – 1:41.905, set in 2018.

What can we expect from the drivers? Any analysis starting without Max Verstappen would be absurd. His performances this season place him at the top of the favorites’ list wherever the race takes place. However, last year, the track and the wet conditions did not suit him, and he finished the race in 7th place. Currently, he is comfortably leading the overall standings with 364 points, ahead of Sergio Perez with 219.

Sergio Perez is right behind his teammate. He is second in the overall standings, and last year’s triumph showed that Sergio handles demanding tracks like this one well and knows how to deal with weather conditions.

Ferrari’s protege, Charles Leclerc, will likely be the biggest threat to Red Bull’s duo. He is sixth in the overall standings. However, last year, he had pole position in Singapore but ultimately lost the lead and finished in second place. Expect him to be on the podium this year.

We must also mention Lewis Hamilton, a man who is one of the most successful drivers on this track, with 4 victories between 2009 and 2018. He is currently fourth in the overall standings.

Our predictions, drivers:
1. Max Verstapen
2. Sergio Perez
3. Charles Leclerc

1. Red Bull
2. Mercedes
3. Ferrari

The old F1 saying goes: ‘If you survive Singapore, you’re fit for anything else in F1.’ This is where new aces are born, and the old ones must prove themselves. A challenging F1 weekend is ahead of us.


written by: Mladen Radosavljevic